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Company culture

Operation Concepts:

1. Carry out the thought that customers are the first and provide high-quality and high-performance products.

2. Create a solemn and bright working environment and establish a corporate image staff are proud of

3. Struggle and explore unremittingly for the advancement and development of the society

Operation Ethnics:

Act now, act by yourself, act together, and act to success! I love TATSUKIN

Comply with laws and abide by TATSUKIN rules and regulations.

TATSUKIN staff should keep in mind: carry out work with explicit ethics and honest attitudes

Know and do what is right.

When you get confused on judgment, please check with the following:

Are your present thoughts and the industry you are in in compliance with laws?

Do your present thoughts and actions conform to the policies of TATSUKIN?

Do you feel improper for what you are doing?

Have you thought that how the public will consider what you are doing if released on a newspaper?

Do you do something that you fully aware that it shouldn’t be done?

Action Guiding Principles:

We are the representatives of TATSUKIN and perform the following action guiding principles:

We always consider and take action from the view of customers.

We shouldn’t forget the curiousness spirit and should understand our own duties and do our best.

We cross the boundaries of departments to act flexibly and rapidly.

We are all TATSUKINers, and we should unite as one and work together.

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